When I initially heard that Michelle Obama had released a book of memoirs, I didn’t rush out and buy it. I waited, not because I didn’t like her or didn’t want to read about her life, but it wasn’t on the top of my priority list to do at the moment. Don’t get me wrong I absolutely love everything about her…her grace, her style, passion for helping others, but reading memoirs, it could wait. Ironically, I received a text from my cousin stating “I have presale code for Michelle Obama book tour event in Sunrise, FL, you in?” I replied with “yes, I’m in, let’s go!'” I mean of course I want to see the Former First Lady, she’s amazing! Crap now I have to read the book, I mean it is a book tour.

First off, I would soon discover why Becoming had become the best selling book of memoirs of all time. It was a page turner, an excellent read. To read her story in her own words, and be able to say “OMG that is totally relatable” just isn’t typical when you look at her credentials…Princeton Grad, Lawyer, First Lady… I mean really, what could we possibly have in common? However, the truth is we do have some things in common! First off, you know, the obvious, we’re both women, duh! I didn’t go to Princeton or Harvard, but I am a college grad, that’s two things, we’re moms, makes three. Although as I read her story there were more commonalities. A few things resonated with me and some did not. Overall, the book kept me intrigued, inspired, made me laugh, had me shaking my head in the up and down yes motion, even saying “yes girl” in my head. After reading the book, I was officially ready to see Michelle Obama on her book tour. My excitement was now intensified!

An evening with the Former First Lady was simply fantastic! She elaborated in more detail on some of the subjects in the book. Her wit, her realness, vibe, energy, everything was incredible! The significance of her story and why so many of us find her to to be so relatable is, despite what our title is, we all have issues, obstacles, hurt, STUFF! All the accolades, all the fanfare, none of it means anything until we have peace and true love for the person’s reflection we see in the mirror. It is all a process, growing, BECOMING. However, the self reward of all is so worth it. Thank you, Mrs. Michelle Obama for sharing your story, may we all Become the best we can be.

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