Fly The Beach

At one time Destin was one of Florida’s best kept secrets, but when you have some of the most beautiful beaches, in the world, it is only a matter of time that people discover this paradise known as the Emerald Coast. I as many others frequent Destin, 30A, Santa Rosa, along with Ft. Walton Beach areas to soak up some sun, dine at restaurants with amazing views, and to have some good beach fun. No matter how many times I’m in Destin, I am always looking for something new to do.

As one that loves an adventure, I found that something new. Fly The Beach, a two seater sea plane, flying above and on the ocean. Sounds fun right?!

The 1st question the pilot, Ryan, asked me “do you want an angel ride or a rollercoaster ride”? Without hesitation I responded, “rollercoaster!”. After walking in knee deep water, and having to get inside the plane the way the did on the Dukes of Hazzard, through the window, we were ready for take off.

We coasted the water like a giant jet ski before we airborned into the beautiful blue ski. On land the beaches are beautiful, however from the air, breathtaking. The view was amazing! Seeing sharks and stingrays, along with endless views of the Emerald Coast was phenomenal! Ryan really did make it feel like a rollercoaster ride, at a speed of 110 miles an hour, literally going straight up and down like a coaster, and throw in some sharp turns, I was squealing like it was the best ride ever. Another cool thing…I got to fly the plane!!! It was truly a fun experience, one I will definitely do again! The videos and pictures do not come close to as what the excursion is really like, but I hope you enjoy them!

So if you’re ever looking for something to do in Destin, I highly recommend


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