Ischia, Italy

As a lover of the ocean I could not come to Italy and not have a day of beach therapy. With several options to choose from, we decided to spend the day in Ischia. Ischia is in the Gulf of Naples, and can be reached by ferry in an about an hour. However, we accidently took the slow ferry on our return to Naples, which was almost a 2 hour ride. Nevertheless, this volcanic island in the Tyrrhenian Sea was beautiful and quite charming.

Once arriving in Ischia, the big decision was which beach to wander off to soak up some sun. After a short conversation with a taxi driver, he suggested Spiaggia Dei Maronti for some fun in the sun. As he taxied us to the beach we were greeted with some fantastic ocean views, reassuring us this was going to be a great beach day! It most certainly was! Spiaggia Dei Maronti was the perfect backdrop for some beach therapy. I must add the sand was extremely hot due to the hot vapors from the volcanic basin below. I quickly put my shoes back on as we strolled looking for the best spot to get our lounging on. Although the water’s ocean floor was a bit rocky, it was the perfect temperature for cooling off, offering the soothing sounds of ocean waves along the shoreline.

Of course, hours in the sun builds up an appetite, and Spiaggia De Maronti had several restaurants to choose from. Ristorante Lido sammy was the restaurant of choice, a great choice at that! The Pasta with Prawns was quite delectable, paired with an Aperol Spritz, was sheer delight.

I recently read that Ischia is trending to be one of the most popular destinations in the Gulf of Naples. As always it’s hard to keep the best things a secret. This 17 mile island of paradise is truly a jewel. I hope to get back for visit before it becomes inundated with flocks of folks. Nevertheless, Ischia, I loved everything about you! Until next time, Ciao!

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