After I booked my trip to Naples, Italy I began researching things to do, places to go, as I wanted to see and do as much as possible. As I began looking up information I kept coming across articles decribing Naples as a nasty unsafe place. To say the least, some of those readings had me feeling concerned, and a little perturbed about my trip. I decided to forego reading any more negative posts, and focused on how I would enjoy wandering around Napoli!

Don’t get me wrong I sympathize with anyone that may have had horrible experiences in Naples, thankfully I did not. In my opinion, the streets in Naples were no different than some of the ones in NYC or any other major metropolitan area. I never felt unsafe. However, just as I did when walking the streets of New York, I was aware of my surroundings at all times. Maybe it’s a sense that one develops when they spend a lot of time in a large city…you know that “I live here, I’m not a tourist sense”. Whatever the case may be, once I put me predispositions aside I was able to appreciate this Metropolis and relish in it’s Neapolitan charm.

Naples is filled with monuments and buildings that gives this city such a unique beauty. It’s rich in history, and it’s no wonder why it’s a top destination.

Fontana del Gigante
Ovo Castle
Piazza del Plebiscito
Royal Palace of Naples
Statue of Umberto
Piazza Giovanni Bovio

I do wish I would have spent more time exploring the wonders of Naples, but with the port offering numerous ferries to island hop I couldn’t resist wandering outside of Napoli. Nevertheless, I loved this city. The downside was I should have packed less, so that I could do some serious shopping! Shopping in Italy is a fashion lover’s dream come true! The reasonable prices had me seriously contemplating buying another suitcase to fill up with new goods. However, I was able to grab a couple of cute pieces to sport back in the USA.

Via Toledo

Naples offered a variety of areas to have dinner or simply enjoy a libation or two. The Via Partenope area was definitely a favorite. Several restaurants line this seafront road, that becomes quite lively at night. From the live entertainment performances or simply people watching. It is the perfect vibe to end one’s evening after doing all the touristy activities.

Antonio & Antonio was an excellent choice for dinner. The food was delicious and impeccable service! Vanilla Cafe provided the perfect lounge type setting to have drinks and socialize.

Pizza Heaven
Vanilla Cafe’s drink menu offered countless concoctions

A must have in Italy….Limoncello
Dinner and music…perfezionare

Napoli Centrale was a win as well. Being a prime location for the rails, it has stores galore and countless restaurants. Only a 10 minute walk from the hotel, this is tourist commuter heaven! My 1st night I was able to experience my introduction to authentic Italian Pizza, ( buy a knock off Louis Vuitton bag, and indulge in a bottle of red wine. So yes Centrale was unquestionably a win with this tourist!

I sapori di Parthenope made this wonderful half stuffed, half pie deliciousness
Perfect combination…pizza and wine

Napoli, thank you for making this wandering traveler feel nothing but Love!

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