Captivated by Capri

When my feet hit the ground in Italy, I was thrilled to be finally checking this one off of my Bucketlist. As I planned what “wandering” I wanted to do while visiting Naples, I knew that the Island of Capri, the playground of the rich and famous, was the one place I HAD to see. To say I was excited as I stepped off the ferry onto the island that I have dreamed of seeing would be an understatement. I was actually here, and immediately captivated by Capri!!

Marina Grande

Initially the day started out with a bit of an overcast, but nothing was going to dampen my day of wandering the island. It didn’t matter if it was blue skies or cloudy, I was in Capri, Italy! As an adventure junkie, I wanted to go to the highest peak to see this beautiful place. Hopped on a shuttle bus tour and headed straight to Anacapri. Let me add, the bus ride was an adventure in itself, narrow winding roads, with sharp turns had me saying “oh my” several times, did offer some scenic views Needless to say, all that I have seen in photos and movies still did not prepare me for the spectacular views my eyes would behold.

The main reason for making the ride up to Anacapri was to take the Monte Solaro Chairlift ( The views as the chairlift takes you up 589 meters above sea level, are AMAZING! This experience gave me the opportunity to exhale and relax as I absorbed the beauty surrounding me.

Overcast but still breathtaking views

Once reaching the top of Monte Solaro, the highest peak of the island, I became engulfed with euphoria as I gazed at such magnificent beauty around me. Despite the overcast skies it was still a feast for my eyes.

Seeing these 3 iconic rocks off the coast of Capri rising out of the Mediterranean…sheer bliss

Anacapri was a wonderful town, had a very relaxing, cozy feel to it. I was able to enjoy a traditional Italian lunch (pasta, wine, and beautiful views) before heading back down to wander around Capri.


I loved Capri instantly! The vibe, the energy, the shops, loved loved loved it all. Oh, and those overcast skies I spoke of earlier gave way to sunshine and blue skies! EUPHORIA!!

Piazza Umberto I
Santo Stefano Church
Feeling Capri-ish

What better way to see the Island of Capri than…ON A BOAT!! I love a good boat tour, and luckily I arrived at the port in time to jump on the Grotto Azzurra for a 2 hour tour. Let’s sail on out to sea!

Giro dell’Isola

While standing atop the platform at Monte Solaro I was able to see the Faraglioni rock formations from a distance, now I was about see them up close!! As we approached the stone archway, I became full of giddiness…euphoria!! Sailing through the infamous “Tunnel of Love” made me feel as though I was starring in my own REAL LIFE movie. I mean it’s not everyday one not only sees, but experiences something they have only seen in movies or pictures. EUPHORIC!! Life is about creating moments that become cherished memories. This was one of those moments.

May we all have a love that lasts an eternity…that is as solid and beautiful as these iconic rock formations.

My eyes dazzled in pure delight sailing around the Tyrrhenian Sea. The Blue Grotto’s blue, turquoise waters and caves were breathtakingly dreamy.

The euphoric feeling continued as we sailed around the island. It’s beauty was never ending, captivating, and unique. Doing the boat tour was the best part of the day. Me and my fellow tourist friends even sang Celine Dion’s “My Heart Will Go On” as we sailed around the island, truly a great time! I will tell anyone, if you have the opportunity to see the island via boat, DO IT!

Punta Carena Lighthouse
Nothing but blue hues

Capri was EVERYTHING I imagined it would be! I loved, loved, loved it all, from watching the shoemaker hand craft some cute sandals, all the dainty shops, and everything in between. Capri completely captivated me. I will certainly be back!




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