My 1st Love…NYC

The Big Apple

The Concrete Jungle, if you can make here you can make it anywhere…

I remember the first time I came to New York City, I was about 10 years old. My Uncle Billy invited me to come spend the summer with him and my Aunt Linda in Hoboken, NJ, which is right across the Hudson River from NYC. That first visit changed my life, it was that summer I fell in love with New York, yes I even loved New Jersey too.

Every summer after that I would go to New Jersey, and being a young girl from Alabama these trips were just as magical as Disney World. I loved every thing from the East side to the West side, even the subway! (ok ok I didn’t love the stinky subway but it’s a part of what makes NYC so great). Getting from New Jersey to The City was easy, and I went as often as I could. I vowed to one day make this my home. I did, in 1993, I made my way up north and for the next 14 years it was home. However, things change, life happens, and I made my way back down south. Yet, never forgetting my 1st love.

So what better way to rekindle a love affair than with a girls trip with my best friend and our daughters. I planned a fun filled wandering adventure, ensuring we had the ultimate NYC experience.

Girls just want to have fun

We started our adventure at Alice’s Tea Cup ( Of course in order to have the full enchanted experience we wore wings while we sipped our tea.

Pinkies out

Next we headed to take in some views. Usually people head to the Empire State Building to see Manhattan and it’s Burroughs. In my opinion the best views are at the Top of The Rock at Rockefeller Center. From there you can get the Empire State building as a backdrop for photos along with beautiful city views.

Rockefeller Center
NYC we are here!

After strolling along the must see streets, 5th Avenue, Madison Ave, and of course 34th to hit Macy’s, it was time to get ready for the highlight of our trip. HAMILTON!! Our daughters had been begging for quite some time to see this play, every chance they got they would play a song from the soundtrack as a not so subtle hint. Even giving birthday and Christmas wishlist with nothing on it but Hamilton. They finally got their wish, but first things first though…dinner.

We’re in NYC so dinner with a view was the perfect and only option for a pre theater dinner. The R Lounge at Times Square did not disappoint. The food was delicious, and looking down at the heart of Times Square gave us all the “Big Apple” feels.

Two generations of best friends

Hamilton!! What can I say…it was AMAZING! Just amazing!! The joy and tears our daughters displayed made it all worth it, and oh and did I say it was amazing?!?!? Such a phenomenal show, I was truly blown away by the performance. Whether you’re a broadway theater or not, I promise you will love it.

We concluded the evening with a very fun, but ridiculously expensive bike carriage ride. We should have gotten the price beforehand or not taken such a long ride, because I almost passed out when they said the cost once we reached our destination. Nevertheless, I will focus on how fun it was…

Why not dance in the middle of the street with a stranger…it’s NYC!

The next day the wandering continues. Did someone say milkshakes…

They are as good as they look! The burgers are great too, but save room for a shake!

It was time to walk off those calories, so we headed to the Brooklyn Bridge, a little exercise with spectacular views…perfect.

What I miss about this city is…

Now we definitely had to get in some adult only time, and our hotel, The Moxy had the perfect rooftop bar! We loved the hotel also, very swanky and cute, small rooms as it is NYC, but cute.( The Magic Hour Rooftop Bar and Lounge was definitely our type of vibe! Great drinks and city views what better way to wind down after wandering all over the city with my Bestie. The is even a cool carousel table, it was full so no chance for photo unfortunately. As the sun went down, the party really got started. Magic Hour is known for being one of the best rooftop party locations in NYC, and we now know why.

We may be moms but we still know how to have a good time
She is my person, my unbiological sister

Times Square…the heart of the City, is always a good idea.

Like Mother Like Daughter
We found the BEAR
I love these two

I could not leave NYC without going to Central Park. My Aunt Linda and I would stroll through park for hours, it became a tradition after I moved to New Jersey. So it was only right that I share my love of Central Park with my daughter. We also did a bike carriage ride that did not make me gasp at the cost, we thoroughly enjoyed it. I must add it is pretty cool when your child is content hanging out with just you, so rare for a teenager to want to do anything with their parents these days. I must be a quite an awesome, maybe even a little cool Mom.

Next time I’m in New York, he will be my official carriage taxi
Cooled off with some Boba Tea

And yes we saw the saw the Statue of Liberty

Lady Liberty

We could not leave New York without doing something really touristy…and I have to admit it was pretty darn cool…The Ride ( Talk about a fun time on a bus, this is it! Unexpected surprises along the way makes this a must do regardless if you live in NYC or visiting, you will definitely enjoy this attraction!

I have really missed being in this area, I spent 14 years of my life here. The atmosphere, the hustle and bustle, yep I’ve missed it all, undoubtedly, the City that never sleeps remains to be my 1st love.

I won’t stay away as long next time


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