Wander Talks

What about your friends…in this picture is 20 plus years of memories, laughs, tears, growth, and everything else in between that comes with this journey of life. The best way to describe my relationship with Maranda is Cousifriends (we’re actually cousins and very close friends). I trust her with my life, she knows me sometimes better than I know myself! Everyone needs a Maranda! She is m y prayer warrior, my confidant, my voice of reason, and so much more. Then there is O (O’shawn), whom I’ve known since my early teens. Back in the day we’d sit on the floor at my sister’s house, and have all kinds of chats. He always said “anybody f@*$ with you, let me know”. On a bad day we would say “let’s run away”. Even back then O’Shawn had my back, and even more so now. From giving me workout tips, advise, and someone I can lean on no matter what, O and I have a foundation that is limitless and sturdy. So now, here we are, the 3 of us from Dothan, AL, sharing a night out in Naples, Italy. We’re all grown up now, yet, we continue to build even stronger bonds. I look forward to more memories with these two!